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South Jersey Cake Smash Photographer


Cake smash sessions are by far my favorite to photograph! Our South Jersey cake smash sessions are completely personalized and tailored to your chosen theme. We hand edit every photo for a quality finish. Your session is laid out into three parts. We begin with taking beautiful formal portraits, then we dive into the cake smashing and finally a relaxing and cleansing bubble bath to complete their session. This is going to be an amazing experience for both you and your little one that you will cherish for years to come!

Every cake smash photographer is a little different, I can truly say your set up will be something I put all my time and talent into. Many of our props are homemade just for your session! I enjoy seeing props that you can only find at my studio in your setups so that your session isn’t like everyone else’s.

South Jersey Cake Smash Photographer

South Jersey Cake Smash Photographer


It is one of the most popular first birthday trends and for a very good reason. Its the perfect and fun way to capture this big milestone of your baby turning into a child! Your child will get to literally smash a cake, though there is  a lot of tasting of cake and finger painting with icing involved too! These sessions are normally scheduled with your cake smash photographer about a month before their first birthday. Some babies won’t be as into smashing or eating the cake, but however they react we will be there to capture the special event.


We love to schedule babies normally right after their first nap of the day or after lunch time. This seems to be one of their happiest points in the day and we will hopefully get a lot of beautiful smiles.

If baby is sick, just had vaccines, or is teething it’s best you wait a few days for your session until they are back to their normal happy self.


We even take care of the cake for you! I work closely with an amazing local bakery to make the perfect cake to match your setup to the tee! Short and Sweet Bake Shoppes cakes aren’t just beautiful, they taste super sweet and your little one will love to dive into them!

If your child has any food allergies, we ask for parents to provide the cake for their session. We also strongly suggest for your little one to try some cake before their session to test for any allergies.

Smash cakes normally are either 4 or 6 inches. Though we may make a complete mess, usually the child doesn’t actually eat a lot of the cake so these sizes are perfect for the smash.

A few tips to avoid on their cake is chocolate or red frosting….yes just doesn’t look so pretty smashed. Also, fondant is very beautiful but it’s a little hard for the baby to smash it and get into the cake below.

Make sure to leave your cake out for a bit so that it isn’t too hard for the baby. And the opposite, try and not to leave your cake anywhere too hot so that it doesn’t melt….haha I know, I’m sooo picky!


Before we dive into the cake, we first get a few portraits of baby all nice and tidy. You are welcomed to choose one of the outfits from our client wardrobe or bring in your own adorable outfit for those portraits. These photos are great as you will receive some beautiful portraits and also lets the baby get settled into their session.

For the actual cake smash, some customers just like to take off their baby’s shirt and go topless, others put their baby in just a diaper cover with birthday hat/headband or a tutu. Whatever works for you, works for us! These outfits will get messy, so just keep that in mind as some icing lasts forever.


It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to is my theme song. It does happen sometimes, but DO NOT worry. We have plenty of time during your sessions to make your baby feel comfortable and plenty of tricks to get some great photos. Sometimes we put secret surprises in the frosting like their favorite puffs or cheerios. Totally makes it look like your kid is digging in. Or we may give them a spoon for those neat eaters to enjoy a bit of cake. Sometimes they hate the cake, but love the bubble bath so no worries. And this is an experience good or sad, those crying photos can be OH SO CUTE!


You’re excited and so am I to see these gorgeous images! Within 48 hours following your session I will email you over a preview gallery from where you can choose your photos. You have a week to choose which images you would like. Once you choose, I will then edit those images to perfection by removing any baby acne or scratches, smooth the skin and color correct. While I edit, I will sneak peek 1 or 2 to you so that you don’t have to wait!


By far, our customer’s favorite is our hardcover birthday album. This 10 x 10 custom cover album features 20 thick pages. Display this adorable album during their first birthday and make sure you don’t forget a sharpie so all their birthday guests can sign their name. This makes an absolutely beautiful keepsake that you will cherish forever.

We also offer canvases in many different sizes to perfectly fit in any space . Parents love to hang a gallery wrapped canvas in their child’s bedroom next to their newborn portrait.